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Landscape Ontario Congress 2015

It was a great show in Toronto to see all the new products coming out this year. I love this industry, and seeing some old face that have grown with me throughout the 15 years. I am looking forward to implementing some of the products and ideas I saw this year at Congress. Great show LO. Happy to have you represent the industry and guide us in a direction that can help perfect our business, design and building skills....
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Drone’s and Aerial Photography in Landscaping

DRONE Photography is the new rave.  It has opened up so many possibilities.  Now available to the public, a drone equipped with a camera, can be flown over a property where a renovation is taking place (with permission by the property  owner).  This allows the builder and owner to see the changes to the property from a totally different perspective.  When I photographed the finished product of a landscape design using my phone or a regular camera, it was difficult to showcase the changes from ground view.  I just needed to get 10 feet higher, or even higher in some cases.  Now I can take high definition (HD) pictures and video with my qaudcopter, from 10 feet to a 100 feet in the air.  It’s gorgeous, and it will shock you when you see the quality.   Check out Dusil Design (YouTube) for edited landscape design videos...
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OUTDOOR FURNITURE SALES!!! The sales are on for outdoor furniture!  I know it can be really expensive to furnish your outdoor space.  Perhaps now the piece you admired is on sale. Gone are the days that we have a barbecue and a dining set only.  Take a trip to the pool centres, gardens centres, and even Canadian Tire and check out the furniture they are unloading to make room for 2015.  A chaise, a recliner, a couch.  You definitely need one to furnish your porch, or patio.  The only way you will lounge outside is if there is somewhere comfy to sit on with your coffee and read the newspaper.  It’s Me Time (for maybe 30 minutes).  It’s worth the investment!...
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