Time Lapse Photography

This year I have had the pleasure of learning a lot of things from my big brother.  He is so computer creative.  He is up on the latest technology and in doing so he has really opened my eyes on keeping up with the times.  Blogging, Tweeting, Facebook, LinkedIn…. So many things to know and understand, and it can become overwhelming.  This summer I learned about Time Lapse Photography.  He showed me how easy it is on his Android phone.  Intriguing, I thought.  This would be so perfect in landscape designing.  I can implement and document a garden from zero to complete using a Nikon camera, a tripod and a Hahnel Giga T Pro II (I opted for this system because my phone memory is too small).  This little gadget hooks onto the top of my camera and allows me to set the intervals in which to take a picture automatically.  I can take a photo every 90 seconds for 8 hours (or more).  Using a basic computer editing program, I can amalgamate all the photos to make a video and the finished product is outstanding in showing the process of an old garden becoming new.  Just another thing I learned in 2014.