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OUTDOOR FURNITURE SALES!!! The sales are on for outdoor furniture!  I know it can be really expensive to furnish your outdoor space.  Perhaps now the piece you admired is on sale. Gone are the days that we have a barbecue and a dining set only.  Take a trip to the pool centres, gardens centres, and even Canadian Tire and check out the furniture they are unloading to make room for 2015.  A chaise, a recliner, a couch.  You definitely need one to furnish your porch, or patio.  The only way you will lounge outside is if there is somewhere comfy to sit on with your coffee and read the newspaper.  It’s Me Time (for maybe 30 minutes).  It’s worth the investment!...
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THE ELDERLY AND GARDENING-DAY TRIPS This year (2014) I had the pleasure to visit a few Retirement Communities in the Burlington/Oakville area.  It is my dream of mine to take the Elderly (and Retirees) on daily garden expeditions.  I was happy to learn that within these communities there are a few places that have at least one day a summer that their private buses take them to see lush, colourful gardens.  Some are even members of the Royal Botanical Gardens.  A place you must see if you are an avid gardener!  I took a few opportunities to sit with some of the residents that spoke in depth about their past gardens and some that spoke about the gardens they take care of at the facilities they currently reside in.  I learned how important plants and gardening was to the residents, as well as the outward appearance of the building....
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Bulbs! Bulbs! Bulbs!

Bulbs! Bulbs! Bulbs! Gardening season is coming to a close. With the quick on-set of gorgeous fall colours and the odd warm days, it may be time prep for the the following year. Some of you may welcome the rest, and some may be sad about the abrupt halt. But think about planning to see some early colour with blooms from bulbs. As early as March, you can have brilliant purple crocuses poking up through the snow. Followed by an abundance of reds, whites, yellows, oranges, etc.  A bouquet if you will, within the garden beds. Some with fragrance, some that mimic roses, and some as cut flowers to bring indoors.  Consider planting bulbs soon, you will thank me next year when you want to shake the winter blahs! Best Bulbs: Crocuses, Tulips, Daffodils, Allium, Hyacinths.  Any bulb will do, you can’t go wrong.  ...
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