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Langdon Hall

Langdon Hall, 2015 Langdon Hall is a spa and hotel located in beautiful Blair Ontario, and is one of a kind. Located on over 30 acres of manicured lawns and gardens,  it is sure to take your breath away. Twenty-five thousand square feet of authentic 19th century architecture. Each room provides breath taking views, romantic fireplaces, and antique furniture. Definitely a place to put on your wish list of spas and fine dining to visit in Ontario....
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Drone’s and Aerial Photography in Landscaping

DRONE Photography is the new rave.  It has opened up so many possibilities.  Now available to the public, a drone equipped with a camera, can be flown over a property where a renovation is taking place (with permission by the property  owner).  This allows the builder and owner to see the changes to the property from a totally different perspective.  When I photographed the finished product of a landscape design using my phone or a regular camera, it was difficult to showcase the changes from ground view.  I just needed to get 10 feet higher, or even higher in some cases.  Now I can take high definition (HD) pictures and video with my qaudcopter, from 10 feet to a 100 feet in the air.  It’s gorgeous, and it will shock you when you see the quality.   Check out Dusil Design (YouTube) for edited landscape design videos...
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