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Business to Business Designs

I am a graduate from Niagara College in the horticulture program.  Within the program we had Landscape Design.  I really took to the creativity of this program, as I did when I was in art class in high school.  Throughout the years I have focused on perfecting the design process and plantings.  I have studied plants at my own home with many test plants that have taken, and many that do not agree with where I placed them.  It has taken me 15 years to learn, discover, fail (on some)and succeed.  I want to take out the guessing game for fellow landscapers that can install a great hardscape but lack in the planting department.  Plants can cost a lot of money and if you don’t understand their needs and habits then losing them could be detrimental.  This is why I provide design service to other landscape businesses, so that when the...
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Landscape Ontario Congress 2015

It was a great show in Toronto to see all the new products coming out this year. I love this industry, and seeing some old face that have grown with me throughout the 15 years. I am looking forward to implementing some of the products and ideas I saw this year at Congress. Great show LO. Happy to have you represent the industry and guide us in a direction that can help perfect our business, design and building skills....
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